Meet America’s Mortgage Commentator

Hi, my name is Justin McHood, and I am America’s Mortgage Commentator.

I haven’t always been a commentator, but I have found that talking about mortgages requires that I have a team of people who actually help me get mortgages done. That’s why I have developed a network of great mortgage experts who can help you with your mortgage needs regardless of where you live in the US.

I put this site together because I contribute to many different real estate and mortgage sites and I started getting requests to form a centralized place where you can see what kinds of things I am saying right now — regardless of where I am saying it.

I am in the process of using the latest technology to bring you excerpts from things I have wrote about mortgages or real estate and because I only give excerpts here, I encourage you to visit the original site the content was posted on for “the rest of the story”.

I hope you notice as you visit the sites that I only work with people or companies who are stellar and who I personally admire for the message they are taking to their customers.

Because when it comes to finding the right person or company to help you with your real estate and mortgage needs, reputation is everything.

If you consider yourself or your company stellar and are interested in talking with me more about providing your site with regular commentary about any different type of real estate or mortgage topic, please contact me and I will be happy to talk with you more about your needs.

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